Serving during Covid-19

Obviously everything has changed across the world over the past few months. Maybe we should have been prepared for something like this, but I don’t think many of us were ready for the extent that a global pandemic of this nature would effect our daily lives. For us, it has impacted EVERY aspect of how we live. Many of you have read our newsletter and know the different ways life has changed for us here in Uganda (the picture here is of the empty streets of Mbale). But one thing we haven’t spoken much about yet is how we are SERVING during this time. Continue reading

Into a New Decade – 2020 Plans

Every year we look back on what we have been a part of and reflect on what God has done (and is doing). We also begin to dream and plan for what the new year will bring, praying that God will continue to exceed our plans and goals with what He will do. It is a new decade for the ministry here in Mbale and we are continuing to dream BIG about what God might do in 2020: Continue reading

Ministry Is NOT All Roses

Before moving to Uganda three years ago, I was in youth ministry for 11 years. And I loved it! But I learned very early on that ministry doesn’t always go as you plan it, and at times it can be discouraging, frustrating, and even down-right crushing. We don’t always talk about it and it doesn’t make for great newsletter reports, but the reality of ministry is that many times, it can be TOUGH.

Continue reading

Discovering the DBS Way

DBS – Discovery Bible Study

If you haven’t heard of it before, take note of it now. It’s a wonderful tool that disciples of Jesus around the world are using to help people of all different languages and cultures encounter the Word of God. It is all about allowing the Spirit of God to work through the Word of God to transform the people of God. Continue reading

Be. Our. Guests.

We recently hosted a short-term mission group from Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas. Quaker Avenue has a VERY LONG and loving history with the mission work in East Africa, as they began in 1981 and continue supporting the work in Kenya and here in Uganda. The group was made up of high school students, college students, and adults, youth group members and elders, ministers and volunteers, and totaled 22 people. They were here for approximately 2 weeks and it was a joy to have them. Continue reading

Mission Expansion in Soroti

The Mbale Mission Team is ecstatic about the work for 2017. A major area of emphasis is the development of the Soroti Discipleship Center. One challenge that we have is our location in Mbale as compared to the churches we work with throughout Uganda. For most of our churches (about 60%) in Eastern Uganda, we are located within an hour. But for many of our churches the distance is much further, some as far as 9 hours away. So, as we seek to DISCIPLE the pastors and leaders of the churches of Christ in Uganda, distance can become a real hurdle. One such area is north of us. Creating the Soroti Discipleship Center will make an additional 25 churches within 2 hours, making it reasonable to bring people to one central location for discipleship groups. Continue reading

Year in Review – 2016

What a fantastic year of learning our new culture, building relationships and joining in the ministry God has been doing here in Uganda.

Here are a few highlights and photos:

discipleship-cohort-2-10-30* The mission team here has been discipling a total of 15 pastors from around the Mbale area to help them grow spiritually. One of these groups will be concluding in March 2017 and we will begin 2 more groups. We are praying that God leads us to 8-9 guys for each group.

leland-preaching* We have significantly partnered with 10 churches in their work of development and visited over 50 churches all over the country to encourage them and equip them with Bible study tools. Continue reading

Discipleship and Bwikhonge

We want you to know what it is that we do here in Uganda. My #1 priority is the discipleship of Ugandan pastors and leaders. This means small group meetings, life-on-life discipleship, and a lot of prayer. This video introduces you to one of the pastors from Discipleship Cohort 1, which has been meeting for about 2 years. Hear from John Kahuka what discipleship means for him, his church (Bwikhonge Church of Christ), and his community…(click image) Continue reading