Multiplying DiscipleMAKERS

One of the women in my discipleship group, Mary Agnes, shared with me how she saw a need in her church and used her experience with discipleship to give her courage to help train and disciple other women in her church. Mary Agnes is losing her eye sight, but she is one of few women in her church who can read. When the men or youth are not around, she would be the only other person who could read scriptures. She realized there was a need for others to be able to read the Bible in their local language, so there were more people who could help during the church services. This was her basic objective without realizing the impact it had.

Mary Agnes starting meeting with a few women after Sunday church services for one hour each week so she could teach them how to read by using the Bible. Mary Agnes is not a teacher. She is not educated beyond high school, but she decided she could help other women learn how to read by using the Bible. They spend an hour each week practicing reading scripture in their own language and discussing what the scripture means. Mary Agnes isn’t using a workbook; she doesn’t feel limited to printed resources, Bible study tools or a curriculum to teach reading – she is simply using God’s word to help others with a need and giving them life in the process. And making disciples in a beautiful way!

If you would like to hear from Mary Agnes, watch her interview.


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