Mbale Mission Team

The Mbale Mission Team started over 20 years ago when a team of missionaries moved to Uganda from Kenya to start planting churches and serving the people in Uganda. The team has changed over the last several years and is currently made up of families and singles who are involved in the ministries connected with New Testament Churches of Christ across Uganda. While team members focus on different ministries, everyone works together for the common goal of reaching future generations with the Gospel of Jesus.

There are several branches connected with the Mbale Mission Team: Mbale Church of Christ, Messiah Theological Institute (MTI), LivingStone International University (LIU), Good News Production International (GNPI), and Tyler Home School Cooperative.

  • Mbale Church of ChristMbale Church of Christ is a multicultural church that serves the community of Mbale, Uganda’s 5th largest city. This church serves as a model for rural churches in Bible teaching, discipling, fellowship, local outreach, and other ministries. It is also the “home church” for several of the students of LivingStone International University during the school year, providing spiritual nurturing and training for them.

  • MTIMessiah Theological Institute offers ministry training at a certificate level to rural church leaders who have limited access to Biblical resources. MTI serves 450 congregations in Uganda as well as Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. This training is vital to the steady growth of rural churches. Demand has led to the development of seven extension schools in addition to the main Mbale location.

  • LIULivingStone International University seeks to prepare students for productive, God-honoring careers through academic training and spiritual instruction. All students are required to take Bible classes along with their other courses. They are mentored by faculty to ensure they will be prepared to be the light of Christ in their fields, by integrating Christian ethics and principles. The program is accredited on international standards.

  • GNPIGood News Production International partners with local churches to produce materials that help Africans to share the Gospel and to grow in Jesus Christ. GNPI augments the efforts of the ministries of the Mbale team through relevant audio, video and print media. The scope of their ministry includes the countries of Eastern Africa up to the southern rim of the Arabic speaking people groups.

  • Tyler Home School Cooperative serves as a small Christian primary school in Mbale, Uganda. It is designed to serve both expat and missionary students with Western education and teachers to prepare them, if and when, the students transition back to their passport countries. There are wonderfully qualified teachers and a variety of students whose parents serve throughout the Mbale community.

7 thoughts on “Mbale Mission Team

  1. hi thanks for the great work. that is my home an assistant pastor in robert kayanja ministries.but also preach any where on invitation.GOD BLESS U.


  2. thanks for the work because am a product of New Testament church of Christ, i know what it teaches, am graduate of Livingstone INternational UNiversity, and Good News production INternational ,therefore Mbale Mission Has done a great Job in the Lives of the People, i say may the Almighty God be Glorified.


  3. To God be all the Glory and honor for this Team
    1. I’ve used and been inspired by the Solar Media Kit from GNPI
    2. I’ve grown up from one of the NTCC churches planted in Uganda
    3. I’ve gained Theological knowledge from M.T.I (2017-2019)
    4. I am gaining knowledge in Media Technology from LivingStone International University
    Hey! I surely land everywhere…imagine!!!


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