Church Planting and Discipleship is our main focus in Uganda. We are discipling leaders from the 200+  churches that have been established across Uganda. These churches were planted but are in need of further leadership development to grow deeper in faith. Our prayer is to disciple leaders to become faithful followers of Jesus who are then equipped to make more faithful followers of Jesus. We want the Ugandan leaders to lead self-sustaining ministries so that the message of Jesus will continue to spread throughout the country, and lives are transformed by following Jesus’ ways in all areas of life.

Gap Illustration for UGANDA

The Discipleship Journey
Beginning in January 2015, JP Robinson and Dennis Okoth began meeting with a group of 9 pastors from various districts in and around Mbale. From that beginning, we have now grown into having multiple discipleship groups, most of them pastors. We set meeting times with these groups based on the availability of each group, but it’s typically once or twice a month for several hours a day. The environment is completely relationally oriented, “Life-On-Life.” It’s not a class – it is very different. Instead, it resembles what most from churches in the U.S. would call a small group. It is within this group that in-depth discipleship will take place. We work through material that has been written specifically to not only engage their heads, but their hearts and their hands as well.

The goal from the beginning has been to have Ugandan disciple-makers leading disciple-making groups in various areas around Uganda. We are beginning to see this fruit and are thankful to the Lord of the Harvest for his guidance and provision. This allows us to reach more churches because we won’t be limited to our campus for training or the need to speak English, and we pray this will grow into a Ugandan-led disciple making movement.

We also have discipleship groups for women, focusing on leaders of women in village churches. We have two locations where these groups are meeting, and each of them is led by a missionary and Ugandan in a partnership together. The hope is that these ladies will start discipleship groups in their own villages and communities.


6 thoughts on “Discipleship

  1. Hello! I am a pastor in Indiana. I will be teaching on discipleship over the next couple of months as our Sunday morning Sermon series. I accidentally came across your “making biblical disciples” graphic while looking up some information on discipleship. I would like your permission to use it on a powerpoint slide. My sermons are not broadcast in any way, so the only audience seeing your slide will be the congregation that is present on Sunday mornings. It beautifully illustrates the spiritual growth steps and the eventual involvement we should have in discipling others. I will understand if you would rather not release your graphic for my use. No problem.

    May the Lord bless your work!

    In Christ Jesus,
    David Osborne


  2. Hello,
    I work for a church in Georgia and we are gearing up for “Making Disciples” in January and we love your Making Biblical Disciples image. Is there anyway you can share that with me? Possibly so we can edit the text slightly?

    Thanks, Ashley


    • I’ve tried to email it to you, Ashley. Discipleship is a journey that we walk down, and we need someone to actively disciple us. The intentional and relational way that Jesus discipled his followers for three years.


  3. I really need to attend one of the workshops this year,I did church planting in Zambia but could like to understand how different countries do mission work.could really appreciate to enlightened


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