Discipleship and Bwikhonge

We want you to know what it is that we do here in Uganda. My #1 priority is the discipleship of Ugandan pastors and leaders. This means small group meetings, life-on-life discipleship, and a lot of prayer. This video introduces you to one of the pastors from Discipleship Cohort 1, which has been meeting for about 2 years. Hear from John Kahuka what discipleship means for him, his church (Bwikhonge Church of Christ), and his community…(click image) Continue reading

Crossing Borders

img_0078Last week I, along with 4 other members of our Church Planting & Discipleship team, traveled to Nimule, South Sudan to encourage and teach the leaders from the churches of Christ. There were 22 leaders and pastors from South Sudan and northern Uganda that traveled to the border town for basic theological training and discipleship. To reach Nimule, these pastors traveled from safety into a war zone, from refugee camps to where they had fled, or across rebel controlled areas. Continue reading

Go West Young Man

The Gang All TogetherOver the “summer” months, my primary teammates were traveling and visiting the USA. But now the gang is all together and the three of us – myself, Dennis, and JP – are traveling together. This past weekend we made the long journey to the far western parts of Uganda, in a region called Rakai. The people there are drummers and cow herders. Continue reading

The Move is Here

What a whirlwind of travel and emotions! We spent our time the weekend before alternating between stressing over packing all of our stuff, finding time to see family and friends one more time and enjoying quality time with our parents before we left. We were blessed to have parents who enjoyed hanging out with Adalyn while we packed. It turns out it’s a lot harder to pack to move across the world than we imagined… IMG_5628
And this was just the stuff we accumulated after we shipped our container. But we did it with 9 free bags and only 1 of them overweight. Once we made it through the weekend, it was time to say goodbyes and that was so difficult. Continue reading

Prayer…the FINAL Frontier!

I have a confession to make: I don’t pray as much as I wish I did. I don’t pray as fervently as I wish I did. And while I value conversing with the Almighty God, sometimes my actions don’t reflect that. But prayer is at the core of what it means to be a Christian… We have an approachable, involved God that we can interact with (talk to and hear from), who cares what we have going on, and who wants us to pursue Him in all things. There is so much power in prayer because of WHO we pray to! Continue reading

Good Goodbyes

As the goodbyes are ramping up, we are realizing just how hard it is to say goodbye. It’s not just the act of telling people we love goodbye because we’ll miss them, but goodbye seems so permanent and we are learning that most of us humans have a hard time with that. Even when saying goodbye to people we know we’ll never see again and we’re ok with that, we still find ourselves saying “see you later” even after we’ve tried to say goodbye. It’s an interesting aspect of our human nature. Continue reading