Into a New Decade – 2020 Plans

Every year we look back on what we have been a part of and reflect on what God has done (and is doing). We also begin to dream and plan for what the new year will bring, praying that God will continue to exceed our plans and goals with what He will do. It is a new decade for the ministry here in Mbale and we are continuing to dream BIG about what God might do in 2020:

  • Discipleship Cohorts: We are prioritizing follow-ups with former discipleship group members. The purpose is to see how they are doing, how ministry is going for them, and how we need to continue ministering along-side them as coworkers. The cohort that Leland co-leads will conclude monthly meetings in May, after which we will focus on the next phase of ministering together: Multiplying Disciplemakers. Both Women’s Cohorts will meet throughout 2020, continuing pouring into 16 women and watch how they grow as disciples of Jesus. We are prioritizing Steps to Freedom in 2020 with each person whom we have discipled.
  • Discovery Bible Study (DBS): We are focused on delivering the translations of the DBS books into the communities that needthem in order to encourage multiplication of DBS groups. We will hold trainings for DBS groups in different clusters in Eastern Uganda in order to continue encouraging people to personally study AND apply the Truth of God’s Word to their lives.
  • Messiah Theological Institute (MTI): We are expanding and deepening the impact of relational discipleship within MTI for 2020. This pairs relational discipleship with in-depth theological training to help prepare church leaders for day to day ministry in all ways. We are also going to research and analyze the impact of MTI over the past 10 years: Where are past students? What they are doing now? What has been the impact of MTI in their lives? This will enable us to continue to grow and improve the ministry of MTI.
  • Church Visits & Church Development: There are many churches the mission has not visited in person for a few years. We are prioritizing visiting these village churches in 2020. Approximately 60% of our churches are within 2 hours of Mbale. While these churches are nearest, they are also often the most spiritually immature. We need to visit each of these churches to better understand the needs of these regions and how to equip them moving forward. This year, in addition to our annual Women’s Conference and Youth Conference, we are hosting NTCC-Mbale Leaders’ Conference in August to solidify and cast vision for leaders of churches throughout our region. We have decided that we will alternate between Leaders’ and Marriage Conferences each year.
  • Long Distance Trips: We have many regions of churches that are very far from Mbale. In 2020, we will once again visit these regions with the intent of continuing to seek better partnerships for them in their own region. Because of the great distance between these regions and Mbale, we can no longer pretend that we can effectively minister to these churches/leaders. Our goal for 2020 is to clarify the direction in each area and make tangible steps towards that goal of more regionally located ministries.
  • Community Development: Our Sewing and Evangelism to Women (SEW) development project in Mbale continues to grow, and in 2020, we are forming a discipleship group for new leadership development, revamping curriculum, generating income from within Uganda and strategic international partnerships, and following up with past students about how SEW has impacted their lives since completing. The Busumbu Women’s Group, Bwikhonge Grain Storage & Mill, and Waninda Coffee Project will continue through 2020. And we are praying that we can develop several new Community Development projects in 2020, as resources and opportunities present themselves.
  • Regional Youth Ministry: A Regional Youth Leadership Committee was organized in December 2018 with the purpose to help with Youth Conference coordination and leadership. It quickly grew beyond the Youth Conference, and now seeks to coordinate and encourage rural youth ministries in NTCC-Mbale churches. This area of ministry needs leadership and discipleship.
  • Administrative Tasks: In 2020, we are implementing a new database that allows the mission to keep contact and location information on all the churches throughout the Eastern Region. We will make concrete steps towards decentralization with the various areas within Uganda. Income generating projects are a heavy focus of 2020: the Mission owns land in town on a main road and has the possibility to rent this property out to other organizations that will help provide needed resources for NTCC-Mbale. And the Sawyer family will travel to the US in 2020 with a focus and prayer of connecting with new financial partners for the mission work here in Uganda, as well as strengthening connections with current partnerships.

If you would please join us in INTENSE and INTENTIONAL prayer over all of the goals for 2020, we would greatly appreciate it. These goals come from seeing the needs across our churches/communities and seeking God’s guidance about how we can join Him in what He is doing. Thank you for your partnership in this!!!


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