And Somehow the Same…

While there are several differences between our old lifestyle in the U.S. and our new home in Uganda, there are also so many things that are similar and we are very blessed to be able to embrace both the differences and similarities.

Our washer & dryer makes it easy to do laundry (and our deep freeze for extra food storage):


Our fridge, microwave & oven are on our back-up battery system or uses a gas tank so they are always working, even when electricity is off:

img_7909 img_7911

Our grocery store has great products that make cooking easier & they decorate for Christmas =)


Netflix & wireless internet, Leland can even watch his Dallas Cowboys:

img_7912 img_7986

We can get new release DVDs like at Redbox:


We have a wonderful coffee shops & excellent coffee (better than the U.S.):


We have a season-less year (like southern Texas, but way better because it has beautiful scenery):

img_7884 img_5983 dsc_0387

We mail letters & pick up packages at our local post office:


Our community of friends celebrate holidays together:


We eat and make lots of yummy food:

img_7931 img_7929

We have a garden that would make some people in the U.S. jealous:



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