Discovering the DBS Way

DBS – Discovery Bible Study

If you haven’t heard of it before, take note of it now. It’s a wonderful tool that disciples of Jesus around the world are using to help people of all different languages and cultures encounter the Word of God. It is all about allowing the Spirit of God to work through the Word of God to transform the people of God.

Last week we traveled to the central region of Uganda to an area called Kyankwanzi and in April we went to far western Uganda, called Rakai. Our aim is to teach pastors and leaders from churches how to facilitate these types of small group Bible studies for their churches and communities. We spent two full days in each area training leaders from many different churches. It is NOT a way to teach the Bible; it allows the members of a small group Bible study to discover God’s Word and how the Holy Spirit is teaching them. It takes zero preparation and can be lead by a child or even a non-believer.

DBS asks simple questions in each study: What does this passage say about God? What does this passage say about people? And what does this passage say about obedience? Then it calls each member of the group to ACT on what God is teaching them by giving specific “I will” statements. “Based on what God is teaching me in this passage, I will…help my neighbor in their garden, serve my wife, not get drunk, etc.” And then finally, at the end of the study each person is asked, “Who will you share this story with this week?”

Service, accountability, transformation, obedience, and evangelism are built right into the Bible study tool. It’s a very simple tool, but it’s not an easy method to learn. Many leaders want to teach, but this model places the responsibility solely on the Holy Spirit. Many leaders want to be the one with the answers, but this model promotes group discovery and discussion. Many leaders want to be the experts, but this model levels the playing field by focusing on the specific passage to study.

Want to know more? Ask. We’d love to tell you more about it. DBS is great for new believers AND old believers. We can all grow from God’s Word!

And please be praying for the leaders in Kyankwanzi and Rakai as they set out on the adventure of discovering God’s Word…


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