Different isn’t wrong…

There are so many things that are different here. Some things are more difficult, take more time or are frustrating because they are different from what we’re use to, but there are also so many things that are beautiful, sweet, interesting and amusing, which makes for a wonderful dynamic. I feel blessed to be able to live amongst this dynamic…

Grocery Store:

IMG_5906 3920359_G

View of Our Home (from the street):


Large City Traffic:

jinjaroad-roundabout-kampala Traffic-2hkg670

School Room:

IMG_6137 img_7395


img_6618 irving-water-tower-and-plane-01

But a lot of water is taken from pumps or stored in water tanks like this:

url img_7374

Electricity (pay as you go & power lines):

IMG_6420 images

“Fast Food”:

img_6584 mcdonalds_drive_thru_charnwood_australia-1

Taxi (matatu or boda & car)

ckccuycuaaa49z5 or img_6901 images-2

Building Construction:

IMG_5743.jpg images-3


market-1 url


img_5912 1024x1024

Furniture Options:



img_6828 img_4741-copy

Clothing Store:

img_5739 228-jc-penney



“Home Depot”:


Trash (burn pile & trash collection):

img_6896 trash-collection029

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