God makes ordinary extraordinary

As most of you know, we are normal people with every day struggles, strengths and weaknesses. If you know us well, you are very familiar with our weaknesses, but still love us. We realized very early on in this transition to become missionaries in Uganda that we are not special or more Godly than anyone else.

For some reason, we as Christians tend to put missionaries on pedestals because they’ve gone somewhere to do something we can’t imagine doing ourselves. We have done it for years. But the reality is that there are many people in this world who are doing God’s work in ways I could never Helping-Others-11965733_simagine doing myself. Teaching is a ministry. Taking care of people is a ministry. Serving people is a ministry. Helping people is a ministry.

There are so many people who are called to so many ministries and we are all called to do God’s work around the world. If you think about it, we are all missionaries in our daily lives… to our neighbors, friends, family and strangers. What an amazing realization that some of the most ordinary, regular things in life God makes extraordinary because we have Him as our priority.

We serve an extraordinary God who does extraordinary things with ordinary situations and ordinary people. Look at some of the “heroes of faith:”

  • Moses argued with God and gave a million excuses before he finally followed God.
  • Sarah laughed at God when He said she would have a child.
  • David created all sorts of messes with his sins.
  • Samson was a beast of a man and couldn’t control his desires.
  • And Peter denied even knowing Jesus and hid in fear after His death.

These were ordinary people, nothing special about them, but God did extraordinary things because they were WILLING. I hope that God does extraordinary things in my life. I hope you see that God wants to do extraordinary things in your life, too.

LORD, help us be willing!!!


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