On to cultural training…

IMG_4544We have said our “see you laters” to our friends and family in the Boulder area. We have packed our stuff and loaded our car. We have sent Jezebel back to Texas with Leland’s parents until we return from training. We have been so blessed by our time here. It has been IMG_2516so encouraging to reunite and build new relationships with so many loving and caring people.

While we will still be coming back to Boulder for a few weekends while we’re at our training in Colorado Springs, we are now heading to our cultural training with Missions Training International. We are participating in a 4-week, live-in program called COMPASS where we will be learning how to adapt, adjust and thrive in cross-cultural living. Adalyn will also have her own classes to help her learn to be a third culture kid. This is move #3 for our family since June!

large_img_0551There will be more to come, but we wanted to give you an update. We have no idea what to expect out of this training other than our team highly recommends it and feels that it will be a huge advantage to our missions experience.

We are excited to continue to share this journey with our friends and family from all over the world. We can’t say enough how thankful we are for an amazing network of people who love us, support us and encourage us.  Until next time…


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