Home Is Where Your Heart Is…

We have been praying for the past 4 or 5 months that God would continue to lead us to the church family He wanted us to call “HOME” while we are ministering in Uganda. Some missionaries call it “overseeing church,” “sending church,” or “sponsoring church” because of the many aspect of the relationship. For us, the single most important aspect as we’ve been praying for this, is a church that would see as their people; members of their body on the other side of the world – an extension of their ministry here in the States. Our HOME.

BVCClogoAnd we have been having conversations with one such church since the middle of January. Through much prayer, conversation, planning, and even more prayer we have our HOME church. The Boulder Valley Church of Christ in Boulder, CO will be our home church as we launch into Uganda, and we are rejoicing at God’s provision and guidance. They will be our prayer warriors, chief encouragers, financial go-between, and accountability partners.

For those of you who don’t know, Gina and I were in youth ministry at Boulder Valley from 2004 to 2008, and have very strong connections to many of the people there. Thomas Wolfe once wrote that “you can’t go home again.” We know that the church, the families, and even we are not the same as we were seven years ago. Hopefully we have all grown since then, but most certainly we have changed. And so we look forward to creating new relationships with the families at BVCC…some we’ve known before and others we haven’t. We look forward to the relationships that God is going to bless us with now and in the future! Another famous quote that has been around for years is “Home is where the heart is.” And we are excited to have even more of our hearts with the families of Boulder Valley.

Our goal is to move to tFlatIronsBoulder-1024x501he Boulder area for a couple of months at the end of this summer. We are still working on the details of it, but the hope is to use this time for relationship building and connecting with the church and community.

We are ecstatic about this and are thankful for God’s continued guidance! If you want to get to know Boulder Valley Church of Christ a little bit, check out their website: www.bouldervalley.org .


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