Build or Break a Spirit

I read this blog post and these statements were at the bottom. They are powerful and so true – for all of us.
“Shame abandons, encouragement believes.Matthew-18-1-4
Condemnation paralyzes, compassion frees.
Exasperation quits, patience prevails.
Yelling silences, communication opens up.
Blame hurts, grace heals.
Faultfinding destroys, praise builds.
Rejection loses, unconditional love wins.”

In Matthew 18:1-5, Jesus calls us to be like children for a reason. Their love, innocence, joy and wonder are worth encouraging. As a learning mom of a toddler, I appreciate being reminded that children’s wonder is something to strive for. We often lose sight of how we can encourage, love and serve people on a daily basis.

So my question for you today  – How can you build up someone today?

* The full article of the above mentioned blog is at


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