A view of Uganda

If you are like us, the “unknown” is scary. And while we’ve been to Uganda twice and we have an idea of what life will be like when we move there, many of you are uncertain of what to expect. So I have put together some images of general life in Uganda – photos from our trip as well as photos we’ve received from our team and others who have lived and traveled to Mbale, Uganda. It’s a beautiful place where God is moving, and we are excited to be part of the adventure.

The DSC_0212city center – where are all our shopping takes places. There’s a bank, grocery store, open-air market for fruits/veggies, video store, pharmacy, restaurant, photo shop, fabric store, etc.

DSC_0387 IMG_3883The beautiful scenery – being in a rainforest at the foothills of mountains makes for a spectacular view.

DSC_0273A few images of houses – they are made of  concrete with roofs and screened windows. Electricity is irregular but back-up generators in the homes help keep it consistent. There’s running water and flushing toilets. Large yards with a tall concrete wall surrounding the property and security guards 24-7.

DSC00533   DSC00513   DSC00544   DSC00504

A typical Ugandan village, church & food…

img_01551   IMG_3896   IMG_3901


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