Latest News and Questions…

We have been blown away by the amount of support, prayer, and encouragement poured on us from our friends, family, and fellow followers of Jesus. We aren’t surprised by God’s people’s love, but definitely humbled by it. Many have asked some basic questions and I wanted to take a minute to answer some here for those of you still wondering:

  1. One does notWhen are you ACTUALLY moving to Uganda? Our timeline is very dependent upon God’s timeline, but here is the plan, as it stands now – living in Belton until the end of June; moving to Boulder, CO to be with the Boulder Valley Church of Christ (our sending church) from mid-July to mid-September; cross-cultural training at Missions Training International (MTI) in Colorado Springs from mid-September to mid-October; following that, we will be in Mesquite, TX making our preparations and handling logistics, and then spending the holidays with friends and family connecting and strengthening those relationships; with the goal of moving to Uganda in mid-January of 2016.
  2. Is it safe there in Uganda? It is safe…for Africa. We hear this question from people who are genuinely concerned for our family because they care about us, and we don’t take it lightly. This has been something we have prayed about for the past year and continues to be amongst our top prayer requests. The truth is that we really don’t know. What we do know is that, while God never promises that everything will be easy, comfortable or safe, He does tell us that He will never leave us: “…and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28: 20).
  3. How is the support-raising coming along? We have been blessed to have loads of conversations with people we care about and funded percentagethat are interested in such a ministry opportunity. As of today, we have 60% of our monthly support raised, along with 30% of our start-up costs raised. Having started fundraising in mid-January, we feel blessed to be so far in such a short time. If you are interested in financially supporting us, please email us at
  4. What will your home be like when you live there? Most people expect us to say something like: “mud hut with a thatch roof that we built with our own bare hands.” Fortunately for us all, our home will NOT be built by us (that would be a terribly unsafe home to live in). We will live in a home similar to that of our mission team members: cinder-block with cement/stucco covering, clay shingled roofs, and cement or linoleum flooring. Our home will have it’s own “compound,” which just means an individual plot of land with a wall or fence completely around it for security. We will have electricity and running water, but both will come with regular outages, so we will have backup supply sources. We will have wireless internet, dependent on the electricity, so that we can Skype and stay connected to friends and family back in the States. We will live in the same neighborhood as the other members of our mission team, so resources and friends will be close by. (Check out THIS POST for some pictures.)
  5. Jez in AfricaWhat are you doing with Jezebel (our family dog)? We have found a company who successfully transports English bulldogs to Africa, so we feel confident in bringing her with us. We have money in our personal savings account that we can use to cover this expense, so we are thankful that she can go with us. Adalyn is thankful too! We feel like this is a priority for our family’s smooth transition, especially our daughter.
  6. What will Adalyn do for education? Before Adalyn is school age, we will be primarily teaching her with basic preschool, hands-on learning activities and developmental tools. When she’s ready for kindergarten, she will hopefully be attending Tyler Academy run by one of our teammates, Ty Hayes.

What other questions do you have?


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