Mom-Fails But God Never Does

A friend of mine and a fellow mom of a 5-year old posts some pretty real and humorous mom-fails that she’s had. And it made me think about how we all have mom fails. Wether it’s when my daughter says “I hate…” and I realize “hate” sounds so much stronger coming out of her mouth than when I said it. Or when I was too busy doing other things that I kept telling her no when she asked me to play and then after she had gone to bed, I realized time with her was more important than marking things off my to-do list. Or when I see my daughter sitting by herself when other kids are playing but she doesn’t want to talk to me about it. I worry that I’m scarring her. I worry that I’ve failed her.

And then I realize that she’s not really mine anyway. God’s got her in His hands. When I don’t feel like I’m being a very good caretaker for her, I ask for God’s forgiveness when I screw up, God’s grace to overcome my failures and for God’s love to shower over her stronger than my love ever will.

We all have mom-fails. We can never get everything right and we will always have regrets on how we handled certain situations. But we need to be reminded that we’re in this together, that we are human and we will screw up. And by the grace of God, I wake up the next morning to hopefully do it better than the day before. But more importantly, we have a God who is better than we will ever be and who loves for our children more than we ever can. Thank God that I’m not alone and that God knows what my daughter needs.


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