Reflecting on My Purpose

Wow, it’s crazy to think it’s been 1 YEAR since we packed up everything we own and moved across the ocean to Uganda. God has continued to be faithful through everything, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. What a journey it’s been!

We love being here and we are continually affirmed that we are called to be here. But if I’m honest with myself, some days, I’m not even sure what I’m doing. I feel helpless when I see so many needs that I can do nothing about. It’s overwhelming and paralyzing, and there are so many things out of my control. I know it may be a hard concept to comprehend but sometimes it’s not best for us to help, for many different reasons. 

Right now in this phase of life, I have to be reminded that my main ministry is Adalyn, Leland and our family. That’s challenging when I am overwhelmed by so many things I COULD be doing. But the reality is that just because I could be doing all sorts of things, that doesn’t mean it’s what is best for God’s Kingdom. I have to be patient and willing to listen to what He’s calling me to do and how He wants me to contribute to His Kingdom work already taking place. 

So the questions I am wrestling with right now: How can I help or get involved where God will use me best? How do I find out what is TRULY needed? You can say people need Jesus, but there’s so much more than just knowing who He is. Living out Jesus and what He stands for is hard, especially when culture is so ingrained in us. We deal with that in every culture. So how can I make a difference? In my comfortable home with conveniences that others don’t have, how do I build relationships and how do I impact the people around me?

So I wonder what to do. How is my life a reflection of Jesus so that people want something more for their lives? It’s easy to be overwhelmed, feel helpless or useless, and wonder if we’re making an impact. And in the grand scheme, my work is minuscule. Compared to the need, I won’t reach huge audiences; I can’t  help millions. I can only imagine how frustrated Jesus must’ve felt having 11 faithful guys to disciple out of the thousands He encountered every day. And be reminded that I may not reach thousands, but I can reach a few and pray that the impact of a few will spread to a few more and continue for generations to honor Gods Kingdom. 

May you be encouraged that you are not alone in the journey to serve God’s Kingdom and challenged to seek opportunities that God is calling you to.


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