Living in the Moment…

IMG_4659In mid-October, we returned to Texas from our cultural training in Colorado and we hit the ground running. Our hope to have a garage sale the weekend we returned was postponed due to severe storms all weekend. But, after some creativity,we were finally able to have our garage sale inside my parent’s house and made a decent amount in the sale.

IMG_4418At the same time we also were shopping for everything we needed/wanted to take to Uganda with us in our shipping container. Our container left Dallas on Thursday, November 19, and it will supposedly (and hopefully) arrive at our home in Uganda at the end of January.

IMG_4741In the midst of all the shopping and loading the shipping container, we went to Belton Church of Christ to say our farewells to the church family. I preached my last sermon and we were blessed with a fundraising luncheon. The church family gave over $5,000 towards our start-up costs and we are incredibly thankful. While we may still see some people from Belton, we officially started the “goodbyes”.

After all of that, we were blessed to have our Family Workshop with MRN (one of our training organizations). We had about 30 family members and close friends join us for the day to discuss and wrestle with all that the moveIMG_0791 to Uganda means, for us and them. The emotions were deep and real, and we appreciated the time to openly share. MRN shared some ideas about how to stay connected from such a great distance and how the new family dynamic can work and thrive. We also spent some time talking about the sacrifices being made by friends and family and their part in the mission work.

IMG_4669The truth is, all of these emotions are tough to deal with. And the reality of the things we will miss while living in Uganda is sinking in a bit more. Less than 53 days from now we will say goodbye to our friends and family here in the States and start a new life, with new friends and family, in Uganda. Yes, Facebook and Facetime areIMG_4873 blessings to relationships across oceans, but it won’t be the same. We won’t be the same. Adalyn won’t be the same. And we are struggling with these emotions. It turns out that we love our family and friends!

IMG_4851This in no way means we aren’t excited about the move. About the new ministry. About the new friends and family. About where God is leading us and what He is doing within us. We know that He is bigger and bolder than we know and that His promises are true throughout the ages. But we are mourning. The emotions are all happening at the same time, like Gina mentioned in a previous post. She’s a ball of tears at least once a week.

IMG_4903Our main priority right now is spending quality time with our family and friends. Birthday parties, Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays, zoo visits, basketball games, Star Wars premieres, and so much more. Making more memories with people we love! Living in the moment God has blessed us with right now.


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