People of Peace

recog-popWe have been studying about “people of peace” – those people that are receptive and open to not only hear the message of the gospel but who are willing, eager, and in position to share it with others. They are connected in their communities, families and friendships. I can think of some people off the top of my head that love everyone, talk to everyone, welcome everyone, and share Jesus with everyone. Those are people of peace.

Here’s an article more about people of peace:

In ministry, we come across people who get excited about learning more and eager to share what they’ve learned. We have also seen where we work really hard to get someone connected or interested, but it’s almost like we’re having to force them into something. Feels like we’re “wasting our time.” While we can never doubt how God is using us in others’ lives, in order to continue to make disciple-makers who make other disciple-makers, we need to learn to recognize and encourage people of peace.

Read Matthew 10 and Luke 10 about how Jesus sends out his disciples to find those who are eager to hear the gospel and share it with their community. As we head on the mission field, these are great reminder scriptures to keep us focused. And there are some very challenging aspects to it, too!

As part of our “homework” in this discussion, we were asked to list people of peace in the Bible, both New Testament and Old Testament. Here’s our lists:

lord-of-the-harvest-2Old Testament – 
Elijah’s widow
Nehemiah’s king

New Testament –
Woman at the well
Cornelius & family

Who else can you think of that are people of peace?


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