Thanks to Belton

It has been an interesting year. And as always, time has flown by. We are at the end of our time here in Belton with under a month left and it’s a bittersweet “see you later.” While we know God has quite an adventure in store for us in Uganda, it is also hard to say goodbye to friends and family who we’ve shared life with for 7 years.

Seniors 2015We celebrated our 2015 graduating seniors this past weekend. We usually give them a hard time when they get emotional because we remind them they have all summer together. But this year is different for us because we won’t have the summer to send them off to their next adventure. And it’s not just the Seniors…it’s the Juniors and Sophomores and Freshmen and middle school students. And it’s the parents and families and older members and little kiddos. And it’s our friends and surrogate family!

So here is our chance to say “thank you”…

  • Thank you for letting us share life with you.
  • Thank you for letting us challenge you and thanks for challenging us, too.
  • Thank you for letting us cry with you.
  • Thanks for letting us laugh with you.
  • For letting us take you on adventures.
  • Thank you for letting us say “I’m sorry” when we made mistakes and thanks for offering us forgiveness.
  • And THANK YOU letting us share good times and bad times together.

We have been so blessed by our time here in Belton with so many people who we love and will miss seeing every day. We know this isn’t “goodbye” because we will always share life together, even if it’s across the ocean, but we also know it won’t be the same. And while we will be back for a few short trips before moving to Uganda, not living here changes things.

There are too many people to list who mean so much to us, but you know who you are. You have made our time here so precious, so THANK YOU. Thank you for your friendship, your love, your support, your encouragement, your accountability, your faithfulness, your understanding, your comfort, and your continued prayers.

While we may only have three more weeks living in Belton, this is not “goodbye.” Rather, it’s “until we meet again!” So here’s to new adventures, new friends and new stories to share…


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