Discipleship Ministry

In August, our fourth Discipleship Cohort began meeting in Mbale. We call it Discipleship Cohort #3, but that’s a long story. It is made up of me (Leland), my co-leader John Khahuka, and 10 pastors from all across Uganda. One of the men comes from Rakai which is in the far southwest area of Uganda, almost to Tanzania. Three of the men come from an area about an hour north of Mbale. The others come from the area within 30 miles of Mbale, but we have many tribes represented.

Our first group time was a blessing. John shared a dream of encouragement with me:

“I had a dream about our group. It was that as we began we were all united and together. Moving as one. And the Spirit of God was physically with us and we were all singing ‘I surrender all to Jesus.'”

We spent most of our time in prayer for our discipleship group, and discussing the expectations and differences between a discipleship cohort and a class or a seminar. Most pastors came expecting a seminar to teach them how to disciple others. Instead, our focus is to disciple each of them. We must first start growing the spiritual maturity and depth in the leaders. Then, and only then, will they be able to make Biblical Disciples of Jesus. We all need someone to pour into our lives.

We have a little video that you can watch and check out more about the discipleship ministry of New Testament Churches of Christ in Uganda…CLICK HERE.


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