Come all who are weary…

IMG_6209This past week, I had the pleasure of attending a women’s retreat with other missionaries from around East Africa. What an experience! Being the newest person in Africa, I didn’t feel worthy to be in the same room as these women who have spent 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. serving in Africa. But as we shared our stories, mine being the newbie learning the culture and transitioning from the comfort of knowing life to the uncertainty of everything, and the IMG_6194various stories of heartache, insecurities, fears, weariness, exhaustion, team struggles, being overwhelmed, feeling useless/helpless/alone, we realized that satan is really good at watching us and whispering these lies in our ears. We all have these different feelings throughout our journey, no matter the location/culture/race/financial background.

We all came to this retreat needing some spiritual food and IMG_6202time with the Lord and I felt His presence. It is an amazing feeling to know that God is with us and knows what we need. He can battle the lies we hear with His truth. God placed His arms around this retreat and we all ran to Him for rest, peace, love, acceptance, grace, comfort.

We may all be in different places in our journeys, but we all have IMG_6193a faithful Father who loves us and wants to use us for His kingdom work. So no matter where you are, no matter how you feel, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter any circumstances, God is with you. God loves you and God will never forsake you. What a blessing to be called His daughter!


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