Prayer…the FINAL Frontier!

I have a confession to make: I don’t pray as much as I wish I did. I don’t pray as fervently as I wish I did. And while I value conversing with the Almighty God, sometimes my actions don’t reflect that. But prayer is at the core of what it means to be a Christian… We have an approachable, involved God that we can interact with (talk to and hear from), who cares what we have going on, and who wants us to pursue Him in all things. There is so much power in prayer because of WHO we pray to!

Sawyer prayer calendarThis New Year, we are dedicated to praying for our support team. We have a Prayer Team who has committed to intimately pray for us, too. Gina and I are also praying through a monthly prayer calendar for our family and ministry in Uganda. And we are inviting you to join us! Click HERE and you can download a monthly prayer calendar to use throughout the year.

Prayer keeps God’s Spirit moving in our lives and keeps us focused on Him. And it keeps us connected to Him. And it can also keep us connected to one another, even from the other side of the world. There is no more powerful connection than one founded in God and we ask you join in pray with us and for us this year. Thanks!


One thought on “Prayer…the FINAL Frontier!

  1. I hear that your time to adapt to the “new world” was quite short. Keep the faith dear friends, our prayers continue with you. From your blog it seems apparent that God has been with you already and I am sure that he will continue to watch over you in your work. Donna and I are thankful that you have arrived safely. (I am sure that Jezebel will join you soon also.) You have always been special to us and will be praying for you and giving any support that we can for your success in your work. God bless you.
    Paul & Donna


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