Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Card 2015One of our family values is making the Christmas season about more than gifts. This year, Adalyn was able to enjoy the festivities with us and we decided to give to people within our community. We called it 12 Days of Christmas Kindness. The hope was to serve people by bringing them some seasonal cheer and show our appreciation for them. Here are some photos of the Christmas spirit we shared with others:

We made Christmas cookies and gave some to a police station and a fire station. We also gave cookies to our garbage men and mail person. 

 IMG_5529  IMG_5532 IMG_5046  IMG_5049IMG_5065  IMG_5060

We made brownies and gave them to our neighbors. We also took some brownies to a nursing home staff.

IMG_5116  IMG_5121

We bought someone’s groceries, delivered food to a local food bank, bought a stranger’s meal and gave lunches to homeless people in the area.

IMG_5144  IMG_5147

We gave donuts to some school crossing guards before the Christmas break and delivered some donuts to the local emergency room staff.

Our desire was to bring cheer to strangers and keep the Christmas spirit alive in the midst of a sometimes hectic season.  There are so many people in our community that make our lives possible and serve us in different ways. These are just a few ways we could share joy.

We are also very thankful for each of you! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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