Stories of Transformation

God is at work here in Mbale, Uganda! (Really, God is always at work in all places, but you get my point.) There are many different ways in which we see Him leading the mission work, but the best ways are stories of transformation in the lives of leaders. I’m honored to share these stories with you:

Natti John is the pastor of Buwandyambi New Testament Church of Christ, which is in the foothills of the mountains about 45 minutes southeast of Mbale. He has been with the ministry of NTCC for almost 15 years. He is a highly respected leader in the area and a chairman of a group of churches known as a “Cluster.” He was sharing that recently he and his wife have been having some much needed conversations regarding mutual servanthood, accountability, repentance, and forgiveness of one another. And his family is sharing Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” each night before bed, reading the Word of God together and reflecting on what it means. These are huge shifts in his life, especially in this culture.

Another leader is Paul Ssentango from far southwest Uganda. He shared that his wife recently told him that she has noticed drastic changes in him since we began life-on-life discipling with him. She said that he used to a “bull in the house” but he has become gentle and inclusive of her and the family. Plus, after being married for almost 20 years, she had never heard him apologize to her before. Until recently. And now, she says that he is quick to humble himself and ask her for forgiveness.

There is only one thing that does these things: the Spirit of the Lord in someone’s life. Both of these men are testifying to how the discipleship journey is impacting their very lives and marriages. Their wives are testifying to it. And we thank God for giving the growth in their lives. Praise Him!


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