Daring to Dream for 2019

This is our BIG prayer for 2019!!!

Every year we look back on what we have been a part of and reflect on what God has done (and is doing). We also begin to dream and plan for what the new year will bring, praying that God will continue to exceed our plans and goals with what He will do. After reflecting on what God did in 2018 through NTCC-Mbale (see post HERE), we are now daring to dream about what God might do in 2019:

  • Continue to focus on relational discipleship with leaders from across our churches. Expand relational discipleship into MTI so that all students are involved in ongoing, life-on-life discipleship to help head knowledge transform lives for Jesus. To see discipleship groups multiply within our village churches and communities.
  • Complete the remaining translations for DBS book #2 (“Christ to Our Lives”) in five remaining languages. Follow up with all churches that have been trained in DBS to continue growing, multiplying, and encouraging churches to study the Word of God.
  • Visit five regions of churches that are a far distance from Mbale to encourage the believers there. Begin working with local leaders in each region on a long-term plan of transitioning to leadership more localized and able to equip them more closely.
  • To build on the momentum from 2018, we plan on hosting TWO Marriage Conferences: one in Mbale and one in Bubulo. The one in Bubulo will be a regional conference for believers of the Bagisu area. The one in Mbale will be to further study and transform marriages within our leaders.
  • Continue to develop the leadership of our current mission team, but also develop NEW team members for administrative, ministerial, pastoral, and leadership roles. Work in partnership with other organizations (including LIU) to develop and disciple leaders for a national organization. Recruit new mission members, both from within Uganda and from outside.
  • Continue partnering with churches who are constructing church buildings. Complete both extension centers (Soroti and Bubulo) in a way that leads to sustainable usage and further expansion of discipleship and training in those regions.
  • Further expand our Community Development Ministry to three new communities, based on the need/strengths in those areas and our relationship with local leaders. Continue to partner with the three projects we began in 2018 for further accountability, growth/expansion, and development.
  • As the Robinsons prepare to leave in June 2019, we begin our transition of leadership for New Testament Churches of Christ, locally in Mbale Region and Uganda nationwide. And we are continuing to make steps towards region independence and autonomy, so decentralization is a process we continue to seek. Prayers for every step along the way.

Please pray that God will lead us in every step and phase of 2019. Pray that God will accomplish what HE desires and that we would focus on that (instead of our own plans when they might be different). Join us in prayer!


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