DBS Impact Story #1

We have told many of you before about the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) tool that we are equipping our churches with. The goal is to engage members of churches and communities directly with the Word of God, which is not the norm here in Uganda. If you need a refresher about DBS, go HERE for an explanation. But now I want to share with you a few stories coming from churches and leaders who are doing DBS in a series of posts. Here is the first story, coming from Peter Wanambwa in the mountain region of Eastern Uganda:

Peter has been leading DBS at Waninda Church of Christ in Bududa for about a year, and have recently multiplied from the original group into 9 groups. That means there are NINE new Bible studies in their church and community. More people are reading and discovering the Bible for themselves!!! Praise God. But even more exciting is a story that Peter shared with us about one of the groups…

They came to the point in the group study where we ask, “What challenges are you facing this week and how can this group help you?” One of the members of the group shared that planting season was here and he did not have money to purchase seeds, which means no planting, no harvesting, and no way to provide food for his family. He requested prayers from the other group members and the group prayed over him on the spot. But it didn’t end there. One of the other group members, a youth, spoke up after the prayer, saying, “We can’t leave our brother there. We should all help.” The youth then reached in his pocket and pulled out some small money and gave it to the man. Then one by one each group member contributed, and at the end the man had more than enough money to purchase the needed seeds and begin planting. The Biblically functioning community met one another’s needs. Totally Acts 2!

We share these stories so that you can rejoice with us in what God is doing. Look for more stories coming soon, maybe even some videos. Thanks for reading and for praying for the work here in Uganda!


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