A Glimpse of Life in Mbale, Uganda

We drove through town and realized several people would probably like to see what we see every day. So here is a small glimpse of our life…

The view from the street into our compound and then looking one direction at the end of our street.

IMG_5897 IMG_5899

Driving toward town from our house:

IMG_5900 IMG_5901

Entering one of the main streets from our neighborhood and driving towards town.

IMG_5902 IMG_5903

A busy road, filled with bodas (motorcycles) and pedestrians and a roundabout in the heart of town.

IMG_5904 IMG_5905

Our grocery store, which is actually not very crowded (not normal) and the local market.

IMG_5906 IMG_5910 IMG_5908 IMG_5909

The row of banks and the line of people going to the ATM at the beginning of the month. Everything is cash-based here.

IMG_5911 IMG_5912

Here’s our church, Mbale Church of Christ, which is Ugandan-led.


We appreciate you being part of our journey and we want you to feel connected to us and the ministry here in Uganda. We know that photos can’t fully capture how things are so different, but we hope to try to share a small part of our everyday life.


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Life in Mbale, Uganda

  1. I know yall are blessing those around you, adjusting to a new environment and culture im sure is a shock… but yall are doing great! Love seeing all the pictures!


  2. We loved this glimpse into your daily sights! It helps keep people connected with you. Please let us know, also, prayer requests. Reading in Numbers this week, I was reminded what a young group of people crossed into the Promised land. It reminded me of those you are working with. We continue to pray for your family and this wonderful mission. Please change my email address to tumlinsonb53@gmail.com… Thanks, Bonnie

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  3. I loved the pictures! They make the world seem a bit smaller and really bring things into perspective. Thank you so much for taking the time to share them.


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