DBS Impact Story #2

DBS is re-shaping the way many of our pastors are viewing their roles as shepherds in churches in very healthy ways. It’s opening up the “wild” idea that everyone can read the Word of God and be engaged and formed by it; that people don’t need a pastor to teach them God’s Word but can rather discover it through the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

DBS Impact Story #1

We have told many of you before about the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) tool that we are equipping our churches with. The goal is to engage members of churches and communities directly with the Word of God, which is not the norm here in Uganda. If you need a refresher about DBS, go HERE for an explanation. But now I want to share with you a few stories coming from churches and leaders who are doing DBS in a series of posts. Here is the first story, coming from Peter Wanambwa in the mountain region of Eastern Uganda: Continue reading

“Oh the Thinks You Can Think…”

“Oh the thinks you can think” is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books to read to Adalyn because it teaches her (and me) to dream BIG and wildly. I think that’s the kind of faith our God wants from us: to not be controlled by the circumstances around us but to dream BIG dreams for His Kingdom. And that’s what we’ve been doing at the Mbale Mission. So, please allow me to share with you some of our goals, plans, and dreams for 2018. Continue reading

Discipleship Ministry

In August, our fourth Discipleship Cohort began meeting in Mbale. We call it Discipleship Cohort #3, but that’s a long story. It is made up of me (Leland), my co-leader John Khahuka, and 10 pastors from all across Uganda. One of the men comes from Rakai which is in the far southwest area of Uganda, almost to Tanzania. Three of the men come from an area about an hour north of Mbale. The others come from the area within 30 miles of Mbale, but we have many tribes represented. Continue reading

Discovering the DBS Way

DBS – Discovery Bible Study

If you haven’t heard of it before, take note of it now. It’s a wonderful tool that disciples of Jesus around the world are using to help people of all different languages and cultures encounter the Word of God. It is all about allowing the Spirit of God to work through the Word of God to transform the people of God. Continue reading

Be. Our. Guests.

We recently hosted a short-term mission group from Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas. Quaker Avenue has a VERY LONG and loving history with the mission work in East Africa, as they began in 1981 and continue supporting the work in Kenya and here in Uganda. The group was made up of high school students, college students, and adults, youth group members and elders, ministers and volunteers, and totaled 22 people. They were here for approximately 2 weeks and it was a joy to have them. Continue reading

Tips for Short Term Mission Trips & Travelers

dscn1635As someone who has led short term mission trips to several different cultures, I have had the pleasure to watch students and adults witness powerful testaments to the nature of God. I’ve been part of some amazing moments and memories that last a lifetime. I’ve also made more than my share of mistakes in coaching trip members on how to connect and communicate with people that we are ministering to during our travel. Continue reading

Mission Expansion in Soroti

The Mbale Mission Team is ecstatic about the work for 2017. A major area of emphasis is the development of the Soroti Discipleship Center. One challenge that we have is our location in Mbale as compared to the churches we work with throughout Uganda. For most of our churches (about 60%) in Eastern Uganda, we are located within an hour. But for many of our churches the distance is much further, some as far as 9 hours away. So, as we seek to DISCIPLE the pastors and leaders of the churches of Christ in Uganda, distance can become a real hurdle. One such area is north of us. Creating the Soroti Discipleship Center will make an additional 25 churches within 2 hours, making it reasonable to bring people to one central location for discipleship groups. Continue reading

Servant. Leader.

discipleship-bookOur team has been working on revamping our discipleship book that we use with the pastors/leaders as we work in small groups (cohorts). JP Robinson adapted the current book from some work that his pastor had done. JP coordinated with Dennis Okoth to fit the context here in Uganda. It has been a good book that has guided many of conversations with the pastors, but, as with anything, changes, tweaks and improvements are needed. So, in December JP set out to revamp the book as we prepare to start new discipleship cohorts in 2017. He recently asked me to write the chapter on servant leadership. And it got me thinking… Continue reading